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grocery pickup

Fax Order To:
48 hours prior
to pick-up

Grocery Pick Up

If you will need to stop for groceries, we prefer that you fax your order to PUBLIX. They will shop your order for you, for a small fee (this is a great system- it works - time tested). In peak season February, March, and April fax orders ONLY! NO shopping. At the beginning of your fax order include the following.

  • Boat Order
  • Pine Island Taxi
  • Arrival Time at RSW
  • Your Credit Card # and Expiration date
  • Contact # cell phone or home
grocery pickup

Your perishables and meats will be packaged in Styrofoam coolers, iced down. Frozen goods are packed in dry ice for your safety.

PUBLIX REQUIRES a minimum of 48 hours for your faxed grocery order, prior to pick up.

FAX: 239-282-0625
TO CONFIRM: 239-282-5515

Be sure to bring a copy of your faxed grocery order with you.

Publix only carries Beer & Wine
Friendly Frankie's Liquor is next door for additional needs 

FAX: 239-283-6385
TO CONFIRM: 239-283-6185

Fresh Seafood

There are markets in Matlacha to stop for local selections of fresh seafood. 

grocery pickup Andy's Island Seafood
Tel  239-283-2525
Fax 239-282-2560